Data is the new oil

Yes, you can sell your data.

I have seen a lot of misinformation floating around. Much of it in well-known publications.

But I can’t fault the authors. They aren’t data experts.

Here’s a great example: “there are companies that would love to know Amazon’s sales data or Google’s search queries or Uber’s routing and pricing history. But here’s the key thing: Those interested outside parties are competitors, and the owners of the data would never in a million years sell it. Uber isn’t selling data to Lyft, Amazon isn’t selling data to Walmart, and Airbnb sure isn’t selling user lists to” Antonio García Martínez in Wired magazine 2.26.2019

Data sharing as he describes is very common and has been happening for many years. Even decades in some industries.

De-identified and aggregated market data are extremely valuable. Many niche players exist in certain markets with the express purpose of sharing anonymized data between competitors.

We have helped many organizations create new lines of business with their data into a sellable product.

Some of them have doubled or tripled their revenues overnight with minimal investment.

Let me know if you want to learn more about our process.

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